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What’s in it for the influencers?

Next Society makes it easy for you to partner with top brands and awesome services. Once you apply to our network, we let you know if there’s a campaign that fits your interests and style!

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Get Rewarded Doing What You Love

Whether you’re a popular blogger, vlogger or Instagrammer, We will help you connect with top brands and rapidly growing consumer brands.

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Content That Fits Your Audience

We'll analyze your post history and audience to match you with brands you already love, or to introduce you to products and services that are a fit with your current interests.

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Pilot New Products

We'll invite you to get your hands on the latest products from brands you love so you can try for yourself and give your followers honest feedback.

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Grow Your Audience

We’re here to give you tools to grow your influence even further with complimentary amplification of your posts.

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Create Profile

Apply to join social media's hottest network of trendsetters. We’ll help you fill out your profile information, allow you to link social media accounts, and identify your favorite industries, brands, hobbies and specialties.

Discover Opportunity

Receive sponsorship opportunities from top brands and the world’s fastest growing consumer brands. You’ll be able to choose which brands and what products resonate with your style the most. The best part? Receive free products and services.

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Get Creative

Do what you do best! Post organic content that will engage your fans. Bring products to life by telling a story your fans can relate to in your unique voice. Participate in the conversation with your followers via social media.

Handsomely Rewarded

Once our platform confirms your post and meets campaign guidelines, your reward will be deposited directly into your account. The higher your engagements are, the more you'll be rewarded.

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Next Society is in private beta mode. Membership is by invitation only and applications are manually reviewed.

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